A new dry reinforcing agent for paperboard HM-2900

The characteristics of HM -2900 are summarized as follows:
1)Designed for high-speed paper machines with highly closed whitewater circulation system;
2) Suitable for bobbin paper, box board paper.
3) It is suitable for the system with low dosage of aluminum sulfate.

Product details

1.Physical indexes of HM-2900

              appearanceColorless transparent to slightly white viscous liquid
              Solid content


               pH                              3.05.0
               Viscosity (25 ℃)                     5,00015,000mPa.s

2. Characteristics of HM-2900

HM-2900 has high molecular weight and high ionic property due to the latest synthesis method of our company. It can effectively maintain a certain degree of water filtration and retention in bobbin paper, box board paper and whiteboard paper. And because the uniformity is effectively maintained, the strength can be improved.

The performance of the new synthetic method in water filtration and strength regulation is better than that of the general bridging amphoteric dry strength agent. It can effectively improve the strength while improving the papermaking performance and fiber retention.

The characteristics of HM-2900 are summarized as follows:

1) It is suitable for the system with high degree of closed circulation of white water;

2) Suitable for bobbin paper, box board paper.

3) It is suitable for the system with low dosage of aluminum sulfate.

3. HM-2900 usage and precautions

1) When diluting the product, please use generally clean water. Do not use unclean water such as white water. The dilution ratio is generally about 15-20 times. It is recommended to use an on-line dilution device for dissolution dilution addition. If the dilution is improper or intermittent addition is adopted, floc precipitation may occur. Therefore, it must be ensured that the dilution process meets the addition requirements of PAM dry strength agent of our company. If the PAM dry strength agent of our company is used for the first time or the addition method needs to be changed due to production reasons, it is recommended to use it under the guidance of our technical service personnel.

2) The addition position shall be selected where it can be fully mixed with the slurry. Generally, it is added in the batching tank or high-level tank.

3) Please use FRP, PVC, PE and other plastics or stainless steel for the materials of product storage tank, dilution tank and piping. Iron products will corrode and increase the viscosity of the product. Do not use it.

4) Do not mix with other chemicals, especially strong cationic or anionic substances, such as aluminum sulfate.

5) The storage period of the product is 6 months. For expired products, there may be quality degradation. Please pay attention.

6) As the product is acidic, please rinse it with tap water if it comes into contact with skin. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with tap water and ask a doctor for examination. If you drink by mistake, spit it out and send it to the hospital for examination.