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Application example of resin barrier control agent SC-1600

SC-1600 is an amphoteric polymer, which has the functions of emulsifying, dispersing and fixing the organic insoluble matter contained in commercial wood pulp, making its surface hydrophilic, so as to prevent the organic insoluble matter particles from colliding and condensing into larger resin particles in the pulping and papermaking system, forming resin obstacles, polluting papermaking equipment and affecting the production process and paper quality.

Application I

In the pulping system, using sc-1600 instead of ultra-fine talc powder can not only reduce the ash content in the pulp, but also reduce the resin barrier of the paddle in the papermaking process and improve the quality of the paddle.


Application II

In the process of using commercial wood pulp to produce toilet tissue paper, adding 0.4 ~ 0.6kg sc-1600 to the thick pulp part will greatly reduce the resin deposition in the pulp conveying pipeline, pulp storage tank, papermaking mesh blanket, dryer and other equipment parts, prolong the cleaning cycle of the paper machine and stabilize the paper quality.

Application III

In the waste paper papermaking system, due to the existence of natural resins, as well as externally added sizing agents, reinforcing agents, coating glue, adhesives and other synthetic resins. Sc-1600 has the functions of emulsifying, dispersing and fixing hydrophobic substances. It also has a good resin barrier control function in the waste paper papermaking system. Generally, the addition amount of 0.5 ~ 1.0kg/t paper can not only prolong the cleaning cycle of the paper machine, but also significantly reduce the resin spots on the surface of the paper and improve the appearance cleanliness of the paper.