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Application case of dry strength agent on bobbin paper

 User nameA bobbin paper factory

Machine No. / type of (board) paper

Ring pressure requirement ≥ 18, interlayer requirement ≥ 350

Type / speed / width of paper machine

Seven garden net paper machines, 360 ~ 420g / m2, about 120m / min, with a daily output of 230 tons.
Slurry ratio100% national waste

Addition process of various chemicals in pulp (addition position of chemicals and addition amount per ton of paper or pulp)

Dry strength agent (PAM): 15 ~ 20kg / t paper (different according to quantitative or size change)

Aluminum sulfate in pulp (alum): 5 ~ 8kg / t paper


Application effect of dry strength agent PAM:

① By adding PAM of our company into the slurry, the annular pressure and interlayer amplitude are increased by about 20%;

② Improve the retention of fine fibers, reduce the white water load and reduce the pressure of sewage treatment;

③ By adding PAM, customers further optimize the papermaking process (reduce the amount of inter layer spray starch);

④ Improve the operation of the paper machine, reduce paper breakage and improve the speed of the paper machine, and increase the production efficiency.

Headbox system analysis

projectPH valueConductivity US / cm



Copying temperature

Net cage  6.45    5000    -350   50
plain water   6.48    5200    -390   50